Bag Making Machine

Important Bag Making Machine specifications

Overall power 12KW
Power supply 220v
Accuracy of bag making ≤±0.5mm
Non-woven fabric specification (G.S.M) Between 18 and 80g
Length of bag between 200 and 700mm
Width of bag between 100 and 1200mm
Width of unwinding fabric 1550 mm
Production speed 20-160pcs/min
Overall size 9600×2200×2100mm

Non-woven fabric is being utilized as raw materials by this bag making machine. It has the efficiency and capabilities to create a broad spectrum of non-woven bags in various shapes and sizes including gift bags, t-shirt bags, non-woven D cutting bags, soft loop bags and strip through bags.

Learn about the performance of this machine

A PLC also called programmable logic controller is the one that works as the main control, touch screen. (Manufactured in Taiwan) A magnetic system takes charge of regulating unwinding tension.

This bag making machine is powered by EPC (edge positioning control system)

When the material is used up, the function stops automatically due to the photoelectric tracking material.

An optional stepping motor is available for performing feeding of the material. The available choice is YASKAWA servo motor.

Fir tracking printed bag and feeding error, this cloth bag making machine comes with photoelectrical eyes

Speed regulation is done by the vector inverter

For making export standard quality, cross sealing is enabled by ultrasonic

This bag making machine is powered with automatic accounting and set table counting alarm

It is capable of producing a myriad of bags in numerous shapes such as vest bag, flat bag, handle bag and patch bag.

Components of the machine:

Crossing Ultrasonics: 153mm. 5pcs
T-shirt part Ultrasonic:70mm. 2pcs
Side sealing Ultrasonic:70mm. 2pcs
Relay: Omron brand
PLC: made in Taiwan, WEINVIEW brand.
Pneumatic components.
Electrical components and switch
Inverter: Best Brand 3pcs
Motor drive 2PCS
Key part of Horn

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