Flexographic Printing Machine for Non Woven Bags

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Model Number KG 41200
Printing Width 0 – 1160 MM
Thickness 2.38 MM
Material Width 1200 MM
Printing Speed 10-60M/MIN
Machine Type Automatic

The machine adopts rubber plate or (photosensitive resin plate) as of plate printing machine, suitable forprinting roll material such packing materials as non woven fabric,plastic film, cellophane and roll paper, foil,aluminum etc. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarkethandbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.
Main Specification of the machine:
1. Model: 1200mm
2. Printing machine:non woven fabric, roll paper, film, aluminum foil, pellicle and so on.
3. Max. Printing Width :1160mm
4. Max. Printing Length:100-1000mm
5. Mechanical Speed : 10-80m/m
6. Printing Speed:10-60m/m
7. Image Plate Thickness (include adhesive tape):2.38mm
Feeding Material Unit
1. Reel Length:1200mm
2. Valid printing reel length:1160mm
3. Reel core diameter 76mm
4. Max diameter of feeding Material: 600mm
5. Feeding mode: magnetic powder brake auto tension feeding, with photocell side correction
Pulling Unit:
1. Pulling part: belt roller chroming roller
2. Group: 4 groups
Printing Unit:
1. Printing part: chroming roller, printing roller, anilox roller, rubber roller
2. Printing roller circumference: 100-350mm
3. Printing plate material: resin or rubber
4. Drive mode: gear drive
5. Printing: 360 degree rotate
6. Adjust mode: manual
7. Plate Lifting: manual
Heating &Dry part:
1. Heat drying system: blower with heating
2. Heating area: 4 color 6 pieces
3. Heating power: 1500mm Model: 5kw
4. Assistant drying length: 1 meter
5. Fan:2 pieces
6. Blowing powder: 1200mm: 2*1.1kw
Motor Unit:
1. Main motor: 4color 1200mm: 3kw
2. Running ink motor: 4 color 1200mm: 0.75kw
3. Main motor adopt frequency control adjusting speed
Rewinding part:
1. Reel length: 1200mm
2. Valid reel: 1200mm
3. Reel core diameter: 76mm
4. Max feeding diameter: 600mm
5. Rewinding mode: magnetic powder auto tension control rewinding