Profitable Business in 2021

Profitable Business in 2021

Are you thinking of Investing in New Business in 2021 ?

With the latest guidelines from Government of India about banning single use plastic from 30th September 2021  in the country, the use of Non woven bags has come up as an alternative solution for packaging requirements of retail market .

You must have noticed the cloth type non woven bags used by sweet shops or fabric shops. These bags are not only user friendly but also are a good medium to market your brand by printing the company’s details on both sides of the bag . In recent years, the use of Non Woven bags has increased a lot due to these advantages of being environment friendly as well as a marketing material . The manufacturing of these bags is pretty simple with only one type of raw material being used .

Business Model

The Non woven material costs approx Rs.120-140 / kg. There are many factories in the country which make this material . The Non Woven Bag Machine is used to convert the non woven material into D cut , W cut and different types of bags . The costs involved is approx Rs.2-3/kg including electricity,rental and manpower  costs . The selling price of these bags are approx Rs.170- 220 / kg giving ample profit to the entrepreneurs to earn a handsome amount from their investment on different kinds of non woven bag making machines. Click here to know more about prices of different types of machines.The Non Woven Bag printing Machine is uses to print on Non Woven bags and the price range is from approx Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs depending on model and configuration.


Non Woven Bag Making is the best business in 2021 to earn a respectable return on investment after investing a moderate amount and at the same time ensuring corporate social responsibility by trying to save our environment from the hazardous single use plastic .