N95 Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

N95 Face Mask Making Machine specifications 

Machine Description

  1. N95 Automatic Mask Making Machine Procedure

Raw material feeding -> Nose clip feeding -> Welding the outline of the mask ->Ear band welding -> stick sponge -> Mask Forming -> Cut the shape of mask

  1. Feature
  1. Automatic count , Control the production and schedule Efficiently
    1. Modular, User-friendly design and easy maintenance.
    2. High degree of equipment automation , Low requirements for operating staff, just need to discharge and
    3. Frequency control, Adjust equipment speed as you need
    4. arrange the finished product .
Machine characteristics
Machine Technical Data
Machine type KH-MASKN95
Production 40-50PCS/MIN
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Overall size L9657*W1472*H1965mm
Compressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power 15 KW
Machine weight 6000KGS
    1. Material Report
NO Material Diameter (mm) Tube Diameter
Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg) Remark
1 Outside Nonwoven Max600 Φ76.2 230-300±2 NA Max20 1Layer
2 Meltbown Non woven Max600 Φ76.2 230-300±2 NA Max20 1-4Layer
3 Inside Non woven Max600 Φ76.2 230-300±2 NA Max20 1 Layer
4 Nose clip Max400 Φ76.2 3-5±0.2 0.5-1.0±0.1 30 1roll/PE
5 Ear band Roll/carton Φ15 5~8 Max1.2 Max10 2roll/carton

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